Thousand Island Lake & Pinglin Tea Plantation Scenery (CAD)

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Daily DepartureAdult: $73/person Child: $58/person
Minimum of 2 Passengers
Duration: 5Hrs | Pick-Up: AM07:30 – 08:00 at Hotel Lobby

Features: Thousand Island Lake Scenery, Pinglin Tea Plantation, Pinglin Tea Museum (closed first Monday each month; visit of Pinglin Old Street instead) and Tea Tasting.


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Enjoy the amazing views of Thousand Island Lake and spend time enjoying the serene landscape, with its lush green hills, vast tea plantations, and glittering lake dotted with tiny islands. Experience a tour of the Pinglin Tea Plantation. Explore the plantation and visit the Pinglin Tea Museum, learn all about the tea production process, from growing and harvesting the tealeaves, to brewing the perfect cup of Taiwanese tea.

【Thousand Island Lake Scenery】
Located in the south of Shiding District., New Taipei City, Thousand Island Lake is literally a lake with thousands of islands. Shared the same name with the famous attraction in Zhejiang Province of Mainland China, the catchment area of Feitsui Reservoir surrounded by many hills creates a similar scenery specifically from a nearby overlook next to the reservoir. The natural terrain and climate make the surrounding area of Feitsui Reservoir an ideal farmland for tea-growing, including the well-known Wanshan Pouchong and Dong Fang Mei Ren (aka Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea). It is also a noted tea plantation area in north Taiwan, where Bagua Tea Garden is located. The neatly planted rows of tea look just like the symbols of Eight Trigrams from the top. This is a place for
a retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle. You will experience amazing views of endless rows of mountains, terraced tea fields and cerulean blue water.

【Pinglin Tea Plantation】
Pinglin is a beautiful mountain town surrounded by mountains and forests with only a limited population and abundant leisure resources; therefore, it has always been the Number One choice for mountain climbers, hikers and campers from metropolitan Taipei. Pinglin is also the main tea growing area for Wenshan Baozhong Tea. The tea plantations that fill the mountains with greenery present its unique landscape. Pinglin is only one hour’s drive from downtown Taipei, and the scenery along the way is simply amazing — establishing a tea museum there has definitely added a strong attraction to local tourism and cultural industry while satisfying the need for relaxation for people in metropolitan Taipei.

【Pinglin Tea Museum】
The production and sale of Wenshan-Baozhong tea has, in recent years, become the most important economic resource in Pinglin District. More than 80% of the local residents grow tea and the total area of tea plantations is close to 1000 acres with an annual income of about 500 million NT dollars. The area of tea plantations is still increasing and tea-producing techniques are also improving, giving Pinglin a great potential for attracting both domestic and international tourists; therefore, the establishment of the Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City is definitely necessary.

Friendly Reminder: Any cancellation for any reason within 90 days prior to departure entails the payment of 100% of the total cost of Services (including taxes and fees). Suggested service fee to tour guide and driver: USD $15/person/day. Itinerary is subject to change if weather or unpredictable conditions does not permit site(s) visit as indicated.
Tea Museum (Closed on First Monday Each Month; Visit of Pinglin Old Street Instead)
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