Wulai Aboriginal Village Tour (CAD)

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Daily DepartureAdult: $73/person | Child: $58/person
Duration: 4Hrs | Pick-Up: PM01:00 – 02:00 at Hotel Lobby

Features: Push-Car Ride, Wulai Waterfall, Aborigine Folk Dance, Swallow Lake (pass by) and Chieftain Statue.


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Wulai is a famous mountain village in northern Taiwan and is located in water reservation area. Residents are most aboriginal people (Tai Ya Tribe). There are high mountains along the intersection of Nanshi Creek and Tunho Creek. Beautiful scenery is formed by the high mountains and running rivers. The place is famous for hot springs, trail train, waterfalls and Yushian Amusement Park.
It is said that Wulai is a term used by Tai Ya Tribe. It means hot spring. Thus, the hot springs here are acclaimed. The quality of hot springs is carbonic acid springs with minor base. The hot springs are clear, transparent, colorless, and odorless. Hot spring spa is effective in healing dermatitis.

Wulai Waterfall】
It is about 80 meters high. It is magnificent like a white silk cloth coming down from the sky. In addition, the sightseeing push-car ride is part of the uniqueness of Wulai. Trail train used to be for transportation of lumber but now it is for tourists’ pleasure.

【Aboriginal Dance】
Introduction – Legend for the birth of Atayal Tribe According to the ancient legend, there was an extraordinary giant rock in Mt. Dabajian of Taiwan. One day, the giant rock exploded with a loud crash, a man and a woman gave birth from the rock, this is the birth of Atayal Tribe: I. Discover Wulai, II. Pray for Blessings and Thanksgivings, III. Manhood Hunting, IV. Joyous Celebration for Abundant Harvest, V. Wedding Ceremony, Facial Tattoo Ceremony, God Blessed wonderland, Praised Wulai

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